Monday, March 11, 2013

'Read all about it'
Lost Middle-Class Tribes Secret Eco Village

I have some other ideas in the making which I will post once I get a step further.

I also just watched the most incredible film with marvelous Midge


Everyone must watch, these guys also made BARAKA, another important film! It is very inspiring to see what they have made. Just shows the posiive power one can create with other like minds.
Midge and I were wondering what would happen tomorrow if everyone in London watched it tonight! Have a watch and you'll see what I mean...but enjoy your last chicken burger first, may not be so delicious afterwards - but in a good way ;)

fais de beaux rĂªves, sweet dreams



Well I've just started reading a great book How To Change The World - John-Paul Flintoff and combined with my other efforts I was encouraged that to start a blog would not be a bad idea! It will be good for me to post all the great things i discover sporadically, as opposed to my Behance site, which I use to publish conclusive topics! So on that note I begin today with a poem I discovered this morning...
Enjoy et Bon Aventure x

The Happy Intelligence of a Wave…. by Steve Nobel

Posted: March 2, 2013 in PoemsSpirituality
“In some distant future,
Or fast approaching moment,
There may come a time
When the life you know,
And perhaps even love
Will dance and sing no more.
There you stand on a lonely shore
Unable to see the reflection
Of anything familiar or dear,
Held only by a fading light
At that time remember only this…
Salvation never comes
In grasping bright pebbles from a beach,
Or in heeding the wild screeching of gulls.
Salvation comes in trusting:
The deep intuition of your body;
The bright radiance of the sun;
And the happy intelligence of a wave
That comes to sweep you far away.”