Monday, March 11, 2013


Well I've just started reading a great book How To Change The World - John-Paul Flintoff and combined with my other efforts I was encouraged that to start a blog would not be a bad idea! It will be good for me to post all the great things i discover sporadically, as opposed to my Behance site, which I use to publish conclusive topics! So on that note I begin today with a poem I discovered this morning...
Enjoy et Bon Aventure x

The Happy Intelligence of a Wave…. by Steve Nobel

Posted: March 2, 2013 in PoemsSpirituality
“In some distant future,
Or fast approaching moment,
There may come a time
When the life you know,
And perhaps even love
Will dance and sing no more.
There you stand on a lonely shore
Unable to see the reflection
Of anything familiar or dear,
Held only by a fading light
At that time remember only this…
Salvation never comes
In grasping bright pebbles from a beach,
Or in heeding the wild screeching of gulls.
Salvation comes in trusting:
The deep intuition of your body;
The bright radiance of the sun;
And the happy intelligence of a wave
That comes to sweep you far away.”

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